Farm News

Project Locker Room

We had a cramped, old, relatively small and difficult to use locker room; this only allowed very limited numbers of people to use it at any one time, there were no facilities to sit and change footwear, no room to hang coats or store shoes, everything had to go in very small lockers.

It was decided to resolve this problem and after many discussions with our staff, volunteers and the people we support it was decided to buy a much larger prefabricated cabin allowing us us to get changed for work and store our things in relative comfort and security.

Chris documented the building of our new locker room in a series of videos and photos, we hope that you will enjoy watching the progress of our eagerly awaited new space.

Laying the Foundations

Building the Locker Room

With the dedicated time and effort of the people we support, staff and volunteers the building started to take shape. As with all bigger projects there we problems along the way, but it wasn’t anything that our team couldn’t tackle.

Adding the finishing touches

A team of Jaguar Land Rover employees were released for a few days as part of their work in the community. The gang were like a whirl wind painting all the external surfaces on the farm, including our new locker room. We would really like to thank Jaguar Land Rover and their team for coming in and supporting us.

The Finished Product

With the help of those we support we chose the internal fittings, lockers and benches in order to make an area much more fit for purpose. The area is much more relaxed and allows much more social interaction, which is what is needed after a hard days work on the farm.