Dale Farm bees and honey

Dale Farm honey is available for purchase in our shop, Monday- Friday, 10am – 2pm, please contact us for availability.

Deep in the meadows of the Heswall Dales, our farm is home to thousands of honey bees, the creators of our award-winning Dale Farm Honey.

We are very proud of the honey that we produce and our hives have been a form of pride on the farm for many years. Our honey has an warm floral aroma and flavour, which comes from the nectar our bees collect from beautiful heather and gorse plants in the surrounding Dales.

We take the greatest care of our bees and as such, we are aware of the global threat to bees; we remain vigilant for parasitic and fungal problems and the threat from invasive species. In Britain we have lost 97% of our wildflower meadows since the Second World War, which is why Heswall Dales provides such a rare opportunity where our bees can forage on heathland without the threat of pesticides or chemicals. We provide training in bee keeping to anyone on the farm who is interested and wants to learn about our bees.

Honey Recipes

Honey is not just for drizzling on your breakfast. There are plenty of mouth watering recipes you can tempt your taste buds with, or simply enjoy all those wonderful flavours on their own.