Growing Areas

Our shop is open Monday – Friday, 10am – 2pm, please feel free to come and see what we have in stock. As many of our products are seasonable, please contact us for availability.

All our fruit and vegetables are organically grown and we are certified by the Soil Association.

Main field

Our main field is used to grow our tougher main crops that are robust enough to grow outside. We use our polytunnels to give our seeds and plants the best start in life. We grow many different seasonal crops and rotate different areas to maximise yield and prevent disease. We use manure to fertilise the field and we use companion planting to help reduce any pests that might munch on our crops. We avoid the use of chemicals to ensure that our fruit and vegetables are grown as naturally as possible.

Polytunnels (fruit and veg)

There are three polytunnels, two of which are used to grow crops in the ground, examples include: chilli peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. Growing vegetables outside in the UK can be challenge as the weather is temperamental. We use polytunnels to grow our more delicate crops or those that enjoy warmer temperatures. Using polytunnels helps ensure we protect our precious plants from direct sunlight, frost, and insects or other pests who might see them as a tasty snack.

All our fruit and veg start their lives in organic compost, have manure liquid feeds and are grown in the most organic, chemically free environment possible. We take the greatest care and pride in growing our crops and want to pass on the finest quality produce to you and your family.

Polytunnels (Plants and Bulbs)

Our little seedlings are very delicate, we have a dedicated polytunnel used to start off our plants and bulbs, this helps protect them from the elements and keeps them at their best to sell to you. As you can imagine, watering so many little seedlings and plants takes a lot of time and effort, so in spring 2023 we had a sprinkler system installed.

Cold Frames

We have cold frames used to harden off our plants before sale, these cold frames have a watering system, which is especially handy during the summer months.

Fruit trees and bushes

We have espalier type apple trees growing down the lane to the farm and an area of fruit bushes that is covered to protect birds eating our crops. As with all our crops manure is used to feed our fruit.

Container growing

We try to optimise every spare space we have to grow plants and crops, we use raised beds and barrels for our root crops. As these planting areas are raised, this makes them more accessible for those who may have difficulties gardening at ground level. We tend to grow root vegetables this way and we find growing carrots higher off the ground can help keep carrot fly off our crops.