Dale Farm manure

Dale Farm manure is available all year around for at very reasonable prices from our shop, Monday – Friday, 10 – 2pm, alternatively we can deliver.

All our well-rotted manure is delivered to our site, where we bag it for easy collection and delivery.

Adding manure to soils is an excellent way to increase soil organic matter. As well as releasing nutrients over time, organic matter improves soil structure and the soil’s ability to hold water. Manure contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutrients that plants need to grow.

Manure brings in volunteers

Like many of our volunteers, Michelle came to buy manure and ended up volunteering with us. You are welcome to come and look at the farm anytime, Monday – Friday between 10am – 2pm. Just come down to 51 Oldfield road and follow the road as highlighted below. Park up and follow the path under our beautiful Wisteria arch into our main office and shop area. Any of our staff will be happy to help you load your car with manure or any of our products. If you are interested in volunteering, feel free to have an informal chat with Suanne, who will be happy to give you a quick tour, alternatively you can fill in our online volunteer form.