Dale Farm plants and bulbs

Dale Farm plants and bulbs are available for purchase from our plant sales area, Monday – Friday, 10am – 2pm, please contact us for availability.

Most of our plants start off from seed or as little plug plants; we grow these on with love and care, we feed them, pot them on whilst watching them grow and get stronger. We use the smallest of our polytunnels to grow and repot seedlings over the spring months and for potting on bulbs for our autumn sales event.

As you can imagine growing thousands of little plants takes a long time to water, so in spring 2023 we had a sprinkler system installed to automatically water our precious seedlings and plants.


When the plants are big enough they graduate to our outdoor cold frames, which still offer protection from chilly weather should we get a cold spell.

Our plants are for sale from around mid-end of spring.

Towards the end of spring we all look forward to our annual spring plant sale, where we offer entertainment, food and friendly service. Please keep an eye on our website upcoming events.

If you miss our springtime plant sale, don’t worry we continue to sell plants throughout the summer months.

Hanging baskets and planters

We use the plants we have grown to create many different planting designs in our hanging baskets.

If you have a special design you have in mind, why not pop down and we can make up a basket or planter while you wait.


It is hard to imagine spring without bulbs and planters to brighten up the late winter/early spring chilly months. At Dale Farm we try to create interesting displays using bulbs to provide a succession of flowers to lift your spirits. We also offer a selection of summer flowering bulbs to compliment your cottage garden borders.

Keep an eye on our events page for more details of our autumn plant sales events.