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Each and every staff member genuinely cares for the people they support and want nothing more than seeing everyone grow in confidence, skills, happiness and wellbeing. The team understand and accommodate for everyone’s individual needs and ensure the safety of everyone on the farm. Everyone works together to ensure the smooth running of the farm, ensure efficient project implementation and are always looking for new ideas to raise money for Dale Farm Trust.


Chris is one of qualified tradespeople, who used to own his own workshop businesses prior to coming to Dale Farm.  Chris forms part of the farm development team, making fundamental decisions around the farm.

Chris was heavily involved in the designing and implementation of our workshop. He supervises large- and small-scale projects on the farm and ensures that they are done to plan, in a timely manner and with a quality finish.

One of the things Chris loves the most about his job is seeing the confidence, independence and sense of achievement that the people we support gain from creating woodwork products or being involved in projects around the farm.


Suanne is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day running of the farm, from everything administration to project delivery. Suanne is always, busy seeming to have ten things going on all the time, but she makes time for everyone who needs support, giving them her full attention. Suanne shows compassion, thought and feeling in everything she does, she has great empathy and patience for everyone on the farm.

Suanne has worked on the farm for 8 years, but worked for the council (Wirral Evolutions) for a total of 35 years and clearly loves the very bones of the farm. Suanne strives to ensure that everything that needs to get done gets done and directs both staff and volunteers to ensure that projects, improvements and everyday things get done safely and efficiently. Her door is always open if you need help or advice.


Zeb manages Dale Farm and Best Bites. Listening to Zeb he is obvious he is very passionate about empowering staff, volunteers, and people we support as well as ensuring everyone’s safely.

Zeb cares about everyone’s happiness and not only wants to ensure that people’s basic needs are met, but embraces the ethos of increasing everyone’s self-esteem, belongingness and wants each person to fulfil their potential.

It is obvious that Zeb, knows that everyone on his team sees their role as a vocation and not just a job and that all staff and volunteers want to increase the happiness, confidence, and potential of each person they support. 

Zeb is always striving to find ways to improve the farm and includes the ideas of those we support in any new projects on the farm.


Lee, alias, Mr Fix It, is always running around doing odd jobs as well as undertaking major projects.   Lee works alongside Chris planning and developing projects around the farm and is seemingly always in two places at once.

Lee has worked in the care industry for over 25 years and previously worked as a 1:1 support on the farm for many years before getting a full-time job on Dale Farm two years ago.

He is always patient, kind, and has time for everyone, he is never in one place for long working on anything and everything . As with most of our staff, Lee spends a lot of time supporting people, helping them build confidence and ensuring that they work in a safe manner.


The one and only Denise, she is approachable, has a heart of gold and is always there with a listening ear. Denise supports anyone who needs it; she works across most areas on the farm; we would describe her as simply wonderful and the national treasure of the farm.

Denise, lost count of her length of service at the farm after 25 years and remembers all the significant changes on the farm over this time. Denise recalls when there was only one small wooden greenhouse, where the canteen stands now there was a short stay bungalow and the sensory garden was a small meadow.

Denise is patient with everyone and makes anyone she speaks to feel valued and respected. Denise takes on board everyone’s abilities and strengths in order to develop self confidence, team working and individual skills.


Brian has been on the farm for around six years, he is affectionately known as ‘King of the Muck Heap’. If the manure doesn’t make you pass out, his jokes certainly will (sorry Brian).

Brian is often found working on the field, is mean with a mop and his professional light hearted can do attitude inspires the people we support to give the best of themselves.

Brian has worked in the care industry for many years, he is relaxed and professional and motivates and lifts your spirits. Brian puts himself to any task on the farm, he always brings a smile to everyone’s face and is certainly the person to be around if you’ve had a bad day.


The caring, vivacious, and marvellous Jean.  If Jean had a motto, it would be live, love and be happy.

Jean works for Paul, one of the people we support.  She has known Paul most of his life and as well as supporting Paul with his day-to-day needs, it is clear to anyone that they are the best friends too.

Having worked caring for people for many years, Jean came to work for Paul five years ago.  It is obvious that Jean thinks about everyone around her, she encourages people, builds confidence and helps people fulfil their potential.

When Paul is off working on projects with others, Jean busies herself supporting others, she is undisputed queen of the craft room.


Terri has a heart as brilliantly dazzling as her voice.  She is animated, thoughtful, hardworking and has and amazing, rare empathy and understanding of others.  Terri has worked in at Dale farm for 2 years and has worked in care since she was 16.  She has extensive experience ranging from working with young people and those with profound learning difficulties straight through to those in their winter years.

You can see the dedication that Terri has to her job and in particular the care, support and friendship she offers to everyone around her; Terri is totally driven to getting the best out of people and her warm laughter can often be heard on the farm.

Terri enjoys the freedom and calming effect that working outside at Dale Farm offers people she supports.  Terri is often found working in the field and enjoys the ethos or organic farming and has a personal interest in beekeeping. 


John works as Thomas’s 1:1 support worker, they have warm relationship and that John cares deeply about Thomas.  John is quiet with a cheeky sense of humour enjoying a bit of banter with the staff and volunteers.  John focus is totally dedicated to bringing out the best in Thomas, he builds confidence in his work, life and interaction with other people.

John enjoys seeing the structure that the farm puts into people’s lives, giving people a purpose and something to occupy them in companionship, friendship, and work.  John came into care work after working in IT for 20 years, he wanted to give something back and said it was the best move that he has ever made